S2E1 – Strategic Storytelling w/Bill Baker

The Biz Dojo is back with the first episode for season 2 – and it's one you DO NOT want to miss. In this week's episode, we dive into the art of Strategic Storytelling with Bill Baker – Founder and Principal @ BB&Co. Strategic Storytelling

Bill takes us through his path to becoming a storyteller, and what it took to become an entrepreneur selling his skills. Then, we'll get deeper into effective storytelling, how to create a library, overcoming fears of presenting and so much more. 

After our conversation with Bill, we dive into  ” The Podium” – with an announcement for season 2, and prizes for listening and commenting on social media! 

So, jump into our Season 2 Premiere, and join us for stories, learning, and – as always – a little bit of fun. 

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