S2E2 – Start-ups & Trusting Your Team w/Mike Morreale

This week in the The Biz Dojo, we connect with Canadian Elite Basketball League CEO, and former CFL player, Mike Morreale.

We'll talk about his path from player to executive, and the lessons learned along the way – including leadership insights from two of the incredible coaches he had along the way. We'll explore what it takes to build a start-up, and what to expect as you navigate your first years in business. Along the way, we also touch on innovation in sport and the Elam Ending.

Mike will also take us through the importance of trusting your team, and the benefits you gain as a leader in doing so.

Then, on the podium – sponsored by Beyond a Beaten Path – we'll talk about the top-3 game ending plays. We don't just have one special “field reporter” for this one, but two! 

It's another doozy of an episode. 

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