S2E12 – Making A Mogul with Dani Kagan and Victoria Marshman

This week in The Biz Dojo, we're joined by Dani Kagan and Victoria Marshman from City Moguls

We talk about pivoting an entire business model during the pandemic, the role of philanthropy, and the impact of coaching for personal growth. We also discuss the role of diversity, and how an “Aha!” moment set Dani and Victoria on a path to showcasing the success of others. 

Then on the Podium – brought to you by Beyond a Beaten Path – Seth and JP get back to their roots. We're talking chocolates as we all find an abundance in and around us these days, and some of our most nostalgic 
Working to become a mogul yourself? We're pretty sure you'll need a cup or two of  Dojo Dark to fuel your passion! You can also check out our new Masters Medium Blend on our website, and learn how you can grow into becoming a mogul yourself!

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