S2E13 – Levelling Up Your Leadership w/Jayson Krause

This week in The Biz Dojo, we're joined by Jayson Krause from Level 52 Inc., a boutique leadership development and training firm with global impact. 

Jayson shares his journey as a professional athlete and Olympic hopeful, and what he brought from professional sport into his role as a coach and leadership development expert. We'll discuss his book, The Science Behind Success, and how he found himself pursuing his own business as a coach. Well there were struggles along the way, Jayson provides incredible insight into taking risk and what the science tells us about personal development. 

Then on the Podium – brought to you by Beyond a Beaten Path – Seth and JP share some laughs as we tackle some of our own moments of 'Levelling Up'. With apologies to Edmonton –  this one is fun! 
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