S2 E15 – The Next Steps w/Jacob Young

This week in The Biz Dojo, we're joined by Jacob YoungAssociate at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, specializing in Corporate Governance, Emerging and High-Growth Companies, and Mergers and Acquisitions. 

Jacob provides insight into the importance of proper business structure. As more and more entrepreneurs seek to establish their budding side-gigs into legitimate businesses, it's important to understand the right model and approach. We'll also dive into some of the dynamics of funding, and specifically get into an explanation of what a Series A funding model is, and where it might be handy for certain types of business. 

Then on the Podium – brought to you by Beyond a Beaten Path – Seth and JP share some of their experiences with new ventures and some their first exposures to entrepreneurship. There are a lot of laughs in this one – you do not want to miss it!
So whether you're looking to take your business to the next step, or are a leader who might find value in better understanding structure and funding models – this is another great episode to fire up a Dojo Dark, and grab your pen and paper.

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