S2E19 – Disciplined Growth w/Damarys Zampini

This week in The Biz Dojo, we're joined by Damarys Zampini, CEO of Sustrategy

Damarys shares the story of her upbringing, as a landed immigrant in Alberta. We talk about overcoming language and cultural obstacles, and how leveraging the 'outsider' mentality to form relationships and strengthen values has really helped each of us to develop as adults. We dive into mental wellness and structures for positive balance, and talk a lot about the influence of the martial arts on Damarys' journey through the ranks, and eventually to founding a strategy business of her own!

It also happens to be Mike Myers' birthday today (happy birthday, young man!). So, on the podium – brought to you by Beyond a Beaten PathSeth and JP share some of their favourite Mike Myers characters.

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