S2E20 – The Season Finale: Shooting Your Shot w/Ambrose Firkus and Parker Mackay

This week in The Biz Dojo, we're joined by Ambrose Firkus and Parker Mackay from Shoot Your Shot.

We get into how these two have face challenges together as entrepreneurs, and how complimentary skillsets can lead to success on or off the ice. As strong advocates for mental health awareness, we also chat about the importance of well-being on performance, and how support systems play a pivotal role in finding success. 

Then on the podium,  brought to you by Beyond a Beaten Path, Seth and JP take part in National Say Something Nice Day – saying something nice about everyone who has made this season successful. From winning multiple awards to liking, commenting, subscribing and leaving reviews – we truly want to thank all of our listeners, guests, sponsors, friends, family and anyone who took a moment to in any way interact with the show.

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