S3E05 – Trust and believe. You’ve got this! with Haley Daniels

This week in The Biz Dojo, we're joined by Haley Daniels –  motivational speaker, sports advocate, inspirational leader, and… oh, right – she also happens to be an Olympian.

On this episode we talk with Haley about finding the environment and community that allow us to be the best versions of ourselves. We'll get into compartmentalization, how journaling can unlock a better sense of self, and how goosebumps are the ultimate metric for measuring your day.  Haley also dictates a motivational letter to inspire 10-year old Haley on the path ahead.

So, sit down with a pen and paper, grab your  Biz Dojo Coffee (Masters Medium – OR – Dojo Dark) ,  and think about what you'd tell your 10-year-old self.

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