S3E06 – Why the heck not?! w/ Jessica Gale Friesen

This week in The Biz Dojo, we're joined by Jessica Gale Friesen. She is a business owner, a registered nurse, a mother and now – an author, with her new book “This Will Not Break Me”.

Jessica shares with us the story of her business, her journey to forge her own path, and how her choice to pursue nursing aligns with her philanthropic endeavours today. She lives by the code “Why the heck not?!”, and discusses how that's influenced some of the biggest decisions in her life, including writing her book. 

Of course, we also dive into “This Will Not Break Me”  (available on amazon, or through her website: www.jessicagalefriesen.com). We'll talk about the onset of postpartum depression, the stigmas surrounding mental wellness, and how she hopes her book can help everyone – not just moms! –  identify and address postpartum. 

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