S3E11 – “Where Loss Lives, Grief Will Follow” ~Jeremy Allen

This week in The Biz Dojo, we're joined by Jeremy Allen, Funeral Director and owner of Gregory Funeral Home. Jeremy also speaks to schools, businesses, groups and individuals about the experience of grief and loss through Death Ed

In this conversation, we talk about all types of loss and grief. Jeremy shares how to connect to yourself in these moments, as well as how to support and be available for others when they experience their own loss. We talk about the importance of grief education from an early age, and how the loss of a loved one is far from the only part of our lives where loss and grief exist.

We will discuss how to be a supportive leader or friend, how to open a conversation, and what to expect after someone experiences loss and the grief that follows.

So pour yourself a Biz Dojo Coffee (Masters Medium – OR – Dojo Dark) and take in this deep conversation.

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