S3E15 – Set Goals, Achieve Your Dreams w/Jordan Walsh

This week in The Biz Dojo, we chat with Jordan Walsh TV personality and multi-preneur. 

We get into conversation about his focus on wellness, both physical and mental. Jordon recently took on running 100km (62mi for our US friends) as part of his wellness journey, and we talk about some of the incredible inspiration that led to a day of running (followed by weeks of recovery).

Jordan shares how he focuses to achieve both business and personal success, and works to keep himself at the top of his game not only for himself, but to ensure he can help his family, friends and business partners achieve their own success. 

So, whether you're on a run, a walk, or just sitting on the couch – don't forget to perk yourself up with a little Biz Dojo Coffee (Masters Medium – OR – Dojo Dark), and  get ready to take on the world!

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