S3E18 – Meal sharing with a war-time CEO w/Andrew Hall

This week in The Biz Dojo, we chat with Andrew Hall  – co-founder of Mealshare, as well as a new venture – No Story Lost.

Andrew shares his experience starting Mealshare, an incredible non-profit that seeks to combat food insecurity for our youth. We'll talk about the excitement of starting a business and connecting with purpose, the impacts of a pandemic, and the reinvigoration of a burning desire to give back to the world.

We also dive into some really great conversations about how we are time billionaires, and should use that time to invest in ourselves by stealing forward some time from retirement. 

So, practice your retirement now with a nice warm cup of  Biz Dojo Coffee (Masters Medium – OR – Dojo Dark), and let's get into it! 

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