S3E20 – Discovering coaching, unlocking inner wisdom w/Justin Perkins (Part 2)

This week in The Biz Dojo, we are joined by Justin Perkins, Founder of New Edge Coaching… and Seth's personal coach, for a two-part conversation. This is part 2 of a very special 2 part conversation with Justin – be sure to go back and check out part 1 for some incredible stories as well!

In this second half of the conversation, we dive into Justin's path to coaching as a career. It's an incredible journey, and provides a backdrop for the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought. We explore the psychology of action (or inaction) in personal growth, and how to approach the concept of coaching for anyone just starting to explore – whether a coach OR a coaching client! 

This is an incredible journey for anyone starting a coaching practice, actively coaching or being coached, or just anyone interested in better understanding their own inner wisdom, and how simple insights can change your world.

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