Bonus Episode: The Biz Dojo: Holiday Spectacular

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It's a special bonus holiday episode of The Biz Dojo podcast with very special guests Jordon West and Top Chef All-Star winner, and slayer of the Flay — Chef Nicole Gomes!

Get ready for a treat as we chat through tough questions like “Is Die Hard A Christmas Movie?” and provide some of our favourite holiday classics in both movie and song.

Don't miss out on our delicious recipes too! Some… may sound more delightful than others, but they're all family traditions and all pretty darn delicious (well – maybe…). Take a listen and try them all!

Take some time this holiday to catch up on Season 3 episodes (or season 1 and 2!) of The Biz Dojo Podcast. Find us in your favourite podcast app, or click here to find our links :

Thank you to all of our listeners, guests, sponsors, clients and business partners for an incredible “first full calendar year”. We're excited to share more with you all in 2022, and hope you have an opportunity now to rest, relax, recharge and rejoice in some holiday foods and drinks with friends and family.

— Seth & JP
The Biz Dojo Inc. Podcast

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