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You can also check out this week’s podcast (S4E8) that inspired posting this track for everyone to hear.

The Story of Rocky Mountain High

As we focus on a season of #creativity on The Biz Dojo Inc. podcast, I felt compelled to share a story about one of my experiences with creativity.

I’ve been a #songwriter and #performer my whole life. I’m comfortable in front of a crowd of any size in a band, or as a #speaker.

I also love writing solo work. But for some reason, it’s just so hard to “put it out there”. There’s some level of #perfectionism that holds me back when it’s just me.

In 2015, there was a songwriting competition in Alberta. Something about the timing suited me just right.

So I set out to write an entry:

🎶I came up with some music

🎸I played the bass, electric and acoustic guitars.

🎤I sang the lead and backup vocals.

🥁I played some drums (some is programmed).

⏺️I recorded… and rerecorded… and re-re-recorded.

Then, I reached out to my old band to give it a listen and provide some feedback (shoutout to “Gitch” 🤘🏻)

🌄I was inspired by the Rocky Mountains. I can’t explain it – and I’m not sure anyone can – but the connection you get to these giant slabs of rock is incredible. They are as awe-inspiring on my 1000th time seeing them as they were my first.

So, I wrote a song about #Alberta, and entered it into the contest.

Now, I have written and released a lot of songs with others. I’ve toured, played large shows (played really, really…. really small ones) — but there was something about this that felt personal. I had put myself as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, drummer (kinda), producer and performer all on the table.

I didn’t win. I thought maybe it wasn’t good enough – maybe *I* wasn’t good enough. Not too long after, I marked it as a private track so it wasn’t open to public consumption, and i moved on.

I’ve been going back to some of my old work with fresh eyes this season. Today, I got to experience someone taking in that song with the freshest of eyes – my 2 yr old. The song came up in my rotation, and he asked “who’s this, daddy”.

I said “that’s me. It’s a song I wrote. “

“That’s you singing?”, he said. “Ohhh! I love it!”

Sometimes it just takes another perspective to make you appreciate your own work again.

I know I likely wasn’t the best entry into that competition, and that’s okay. It’s been 7 years, but in looking back on everything – I’ve realized a few things:

#music is a great creative outlet that really lets you try new things.

– giving positive feedback to a friend or colleague can go a long way

– putting your creativity out there is hard, but can be so rewarding

– the opinion of a 2 year old can matter more than anything else.

So, I’m now proud to share “Rocky Mountain High”. A song from 2015 about the inexplicable energy and connection you get to the Rocky Mountains when you see them in person. With the #calgarystampede in full swing, I hope all of our visitors get a chance to check them out.