This wasn’t planned. In late 2020, Seth Anderson and J.P. Gaston met for breakfast to discuss putting together a podcast. Seth had an idea for a podcast focused on entrepreneurs, and he’d reached out to his long-time friend J.P. to chat about it. After all, J.P. had years of experience in audio production and broadcasting.

The original idea – Biz Ninjas YYC – evolved as the two discussed their passion for leadership and coaching, personal development, and learning. They wanted to provide businesses with a “space” to learn or to share their own story. With that context, and in keeping with the theme that encapsulated their childhood love of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the two landed on a new name: The Biz Dojo.

Inspired by podcast listenership…

The audience would motivate the two to continue the podcast. They iterated and evolved the podcast. By the third episode of season 2, just 4 months after launch, they won a Gold AVA Digital Award for podcast content.

After that, the duo would continue to win other awards too. Season 2 would also see a Hermes Creative award for creativity and production. They would win a second AVA Digital award the following year, and their success would see them turn a small podcast into a fully incorporated business — The Biz Dojo Inc.

Here, Seth and J.P. hit their stride and expand the business. With a significant amount of leadership experience and several coaching certifications between the two, a coaching and consulting arm was created. Clients began to flock to the pair for their particular brand of personal and professional coaching.

They would also key in on another important service offering – podcast and audio production. These additional lines of business would also be recognized, with the duo taking home 4 Stevie awards in customer service.

That’s where we are today… here… with you

So, what is it that we offer? Well, we’re a full-service podcast and audio production company. We help organizations and individuals launch podcasts, create unique audio content, and even write and deliver memorable ads.

Here are just a few of the things we do

  • Podcast production – editing, uhh/umm removal, mastering, music, etc.
  • Podcast hosting services – for when you don’t want to be the one talking
  • Guest booking services – need a guest? We’ll find it!
  • Social everything – from the message to the graphics/video
  • Transcription services – when you’d rather someone else take the notes
  • Creative / Ad production – for something different than a standard radio ad
  • Consulting – when you just aren’t sure where to start, and could use a push
  • Many more!

So, if you’re in the market for a podcast production team at your side… or even if you just aren’t sure and want to connect and see what might work for you – send us a note! [email protected]