Need a theme song? Maybe a custom background music to create an unforgettable audioscape? Perhaps some podcast music to create that pro feel?

We do more than just podcast music, too! Our team of production specialists and experienced musicians will provide you with customized audio to match your podcast, video, movie or other production. We create music that brings your show to life by matching the emotion, drawing in the the listener and making a more robust, richer experience for the senses.

Whatever your needs – we’ve got you covered:

  • Theme and jingle creation – for that custom, professional sound
  • Music loops and beds – to add a background of audio texture
  • Time-synced music production – for that perfectly timed piece
  • Sound clip and effects – from a guitar note to a spaceship, make your audio sing!
  • Instrumental and vocal production

Also, don’t forget – The Biz Dojo Inc. also offers full podcast production services!