Seriously! A totally free, no obligation consult about your podcast production needs.

Our 7x award-winning production team will do more than just have a quick chat about your show. We dedicate ongoing space for us to discuss the show, and work together to always hit the mark. We continually seek to grow your audience, and make your show stand out.

It doesn’t matter if your an individual or a business, or how big or small the show it might be. From simple editing packages to full end-to-end production, we work with you to produce the engaging shows that capture the attention of your target audience.

Awards received by The Biz Dojo Inc. include:

The Biz Dojo Inc. has also been recognized as a finalist for the CanadianSME Business Support Organization of the Year in 2022. This award recognizes the top Canadian businesses who support entrepreneurs and small / medium businesses with best-in-class support.

There are no other podcast production companies

How do our podcast production services stack up against others?

Services OfferedTBD Inc.The Others
Podcast distribution (Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon, etc.)⦿some
Basic editing service (some “uhh” / “umm” removal)⦿⦿
Mixing / Mastering⦿some
Podcast conceptualization and branding⦿
Episode planning and storyboarding⦿
Soundscaping (Music, sound effects, transitional elements)⦿
Ad creative & production⦿
Social media branding & strategy⦿
Transcription for SEO⦿
Guest booking & prep⦿
Host Services⦿
Audience growth development⦿
Podcast cover art (show / episode)⦿
*comparison of typical product and service offerings as derived through search engine results, including “ad” based results

Unlike ‘the others’, we’ll create a custom package just for you. Need editing and some help booking guests? No problem! Maybe you’re just looking for transcripts and social media support? We’ve got you there too.

Click the button below to send us an email, or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you!

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